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July 2018
Soffit Calgary

4 Ways Aluminum Soffit Can Benefit Your Home

While soffits come in many different types of materials, homeowners are increasingly leaning towards aluminum soffits due to their durability and ease of installation.   Your home's exterior has many different features, one of the most. . .


Calgary Soffit

Everything You Need to Know About Soffit and Why It

Soffits are an integral part of any home and serve several important functions ranging from aesthetics to lowering your utility bills. Here’s everything you need to know about this important feature.   From the foundation to the attic,. . .


September 2016

4 Steps to Winterize Your Rain Barrel

Calgary is no stranger to the freezing temperatures the winter season can bring and unfortunately, rain barrels are not designed to withstand such cold temperatures. The pressure from expanding ice can result in a crack in the plastic fitting. . .


Calgary Roof Snow Stop

4 Snow Stop Mistakes You Might Be Making

As winter quickly approaches, not many people think about how they can stop snow from collecting on their roof of their home so that it doesn't damage it. If you're reading this article, you are one step ahead of the crowd. Be ready for. . .


August 2016
Calgary Christmas Light Removal

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Holiday Lights Up For Too Long

Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween are a cherished time of year for many Calgarians to gather and celebrate with family and friends. Decorating for these holidays is a wonderful tradition that allows us to add a bright and festive element to. . .


Calgary Downspout Cleaning

Frozen Downspouts

Before winter fully sets in, it’s important to ensure that your gutters and downspouts can handle melting snow and ice. Clogged gutters can be a serious hazard and can lead to the formation of ice dams along your roofline, accelerating the. . .


July 2016
Calgary Gutter Maintenance

Professional Tips on How To Maintain Your Gutters

Correct gutter installation & maintenance is the most important thing you can do to prevent water damage to your home. Eavestrough and downspouts are designed to channel water away from the foundation of a building and are critical to protecting. . .


Calgary Siding Maintenance

How To Maintain Your House Siding

New siding can give your home an instant makeover and increase its market value significantly. However, it isn’t purely decorative. Siding also: Protects your house against external elements such as rain, snow, hail or ice Provides. . .


June 2016
t-rex eavestrough installation

Eavestrough Installation

For years, contractor have used spikes and spaced hangers to fasten and screw eavestroughs to their client’s homes. This is done to support the front of the eavestrough and is inserted into the fascia board. These spikes are installed consistently. . .


vinyl and aluminum soffits calgary

Why a Soffit is SO Important to YOUR Home

Soffit is a French word meaning: Something fixed underneath. The material that connects your roof overhang and the side of your building is the soffit. A soffit can be found anywhere there is a visible sealing. Commonly, it’s made of vinyl. . .


May 2016
gutter clean leaf guard calgary

Gutter System Maintenance

What if we told you that you never have to maintain or unclog your gutters again? In our last article, we discussed when you should consider a new gutter system and the consequences of a poor installation. Many homeowners inherit the decisions of. . .


seamless gutter calgary

The Importance of Properly Installed Gutters

The roof of a a 2000 square foot home will collect over 4500 gallons of water with every three inches of rainfall. The role of your Gutter system, is to control the flow of water as it lands on your roof and rolls off the edge. Without a well. . .


April 2016

The Surprising Link Between Soffit and Your Health

A recent and extensive study conducted at Exeter University has highlighted the link between home insulation and poor health. It was found that the following health conditions could be caused or exacerbated by poor indoor air quality: Asthma,. . .


March 2016
spring cleaning gutters calgary

5 Reasons Why Every Homeowner In Calgary Should Be Cleaning Their Property

Spring comes with three  things: rain, sunshine and cleaning! One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked, tasks is gutter cleaning. Gutters have the essential job of guiding water off your roof and into the drain so if they become. . .


January 2016

Deal on Winter Exterior Work

2016 Winter Special on Exterior Renovations! Call or Click to get your Free Estimate Mention this Blog and recieve a 15% Discount! (Jan-March 21, 2016)  


September 2015

Clogged Eavestroughs?

With the change of the seasons, now is a great time to have your Eavestroughs/Gutters and Downspouts cleaned.  Tell us you read this blog and receive a 10% discount!


August 2015

Is your Attic Ventilated?

Is your Attic Properly Ventilated? If you find the upper levels or attic of your home increasingly hot in the spring and summer, you may need to ventilate the overhang wood board of your building or house.   In the winter months you may notice. . .


Chinook Exteriors Website New

Welcome to Our New Website!

Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE At Chinook Exteriors, we continue to set the highest standards by staying current in quality and innovative products, techniques, services and technologies. Enjoy browsing our new website. We hope you are able to. . .


Chinook Exteriors Water Water Everywhere Window House

Water, Water, Everywhere

The City of Calgary and its surrounding areas experience unpredictable weather that can often put stress on homes, resulting in damaging consequences. At Chinook Exteriors, we professionally install eavestroughs/gutters, soffit, fascia and siding. . .


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