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  • Seamless Eavestroughs / Gutters
  • Eavestrough / Gutter Cleaning Maintenance
  • Downspout
  • Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Siding
  • Roof Snow Stop

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Purpose The function of your eavestroughs/gutters is to guide the flow of rainwater and melting snow off of your roof, into the downspout and safely away from your home’s foundation. Leaking eavestroughs/gutters and improper water drainage may lead to a variety of more serious issues. Eavestrough Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Chinook Exteriors installs and repairs eavestroughs/gutters for home and business owners in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Our team specializes in seamless eavestroughs/gutters, meaning there are joints placed only in the corners. Falling leaves…

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Fascia Chinook Exteriors


What is Fascia? Fascia, also known as fascia boards, is the wide strip that runs horizontally along the bottom edge of a building's roofline, right underneath the edge of the shingles. Fascia provides your structure with an updated finished look, and the ease of no longer needing to paint or touch-up the exposed wooden board that runs horizontally along the edge of your roof.  At Chinook Exteriors, we professionally install, repair and replace fascia boards, adding protection and aesthetic value to your home or business. The diagram below shows how fascia fits in in relation to…

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Exterior Siding - Calgary Exterior Renovations - Chinook Exteriors


What is Exterior Siding? Siding, also known as exterior "cladding", is the protective material that is installed on the exterior of a home, building or other structure. Often made of wood, brick or metal, the most popular siding is vinyl siding, known for its durability, insulation, and affordability. Not only does the exterior siding of your home act as a vital protective barrier from pests, inclement weather, accidents, and natural wear and tear, it is an important decorative and aesthetic element of your home's appearance. Working alongside other exteriors, such as Soffit,…

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Calgary Soffit - Chinook Exteriors


What is Soffit? An important functional aspect of your home’s exterior surface, the soffit is the horizontal panels that lie directly underneath the overhanging roof of a building and connect the top of siding to the bottom of the roof line. Usually made up of wood, vinyl or aluminum, soffit is commonly located on a building or house, but can also be installed under sheds, porches or other structures.   The diagram below shows how soffit, fascia, gutters, siding and eavestroughs work together to make up your home exterior elements. What Is The Purpose of Soffit? Soffit is…

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