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Purpose The function of your eavestroughs/gutters is to guide the flow of rainwater and melting snow off of your roof, into the downspout and safely away from your home’s foundation. Leaking eavestroughs/gutters and improper water drainage may lead to a variety of more serious issues. Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Chinook Exteriors installs and repairs eavestroughs/gutters for home and business owners in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Our team specializes in seamless eavestroughs/gutters, meaning there are joints placed only in the corners. Falling leaves create notorious…

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Soffit Chinook Exteriors


Purpose The main function of soffit is to assist with air circulation throughout your property's attic. Homes that were built prior to the 1990's are likely to have wood soffit.  Calgary and its surrounding areas are very susceptible to overheating during the summer months, especially in the upper levels and attic. Increased interior condensation during the winter months may also lead to a build up of moisture within the roof. This could potentially cause serious issues with mold and the rapid deterioration of a home’s roof. Eventually, such problems negatively impact a…

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Fascia Chinook Exteriors


Purpose Fascia is the wide strip of aluminum that runs horizontally along the bottom edge of a home or business's roofline. It provides your property with an updated finished look, and the ease of no longer needing to paint or touch-up the exposed wooden board that runs horizontally along the edge of your roof. Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Chinook Exteriors professionally installs, repairs and/or replaces fascia boards. This adds protection and aesthetic value to your home or business.   Product Our expert team at Chinook Exteriors will provide you with professional…

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Siding Chinook Exteriors


Purpose Siding provides protection for your home’s exterior. Its function is to deflect water, protect walls from harsh weather, insulate and add an aesthetic value to your home or business. Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Chinook Exteriors installs and repairs vinyl siding. If your home has been damaged by storms, hail, or natural wear and tear, our expert team can restore the look of your home’s exterior. Installing or repairing the siding on your home or business can drastically increase the value and the curb appeal of your investment. Product Chinook Exteriors uses…

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