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What is Soffit?

An important functional aspect of your home’s exterior surface, the soffit is the horizontal panels that lie directly underneath the overhanging roof of a building and connect the top of siding to the bottom of the roof line. Usually made up of wood, vinyl or aluminum, soffit is commonly located on a building or house, but can also be installed under sheds, porches or other structures. 

The diagram below shows how soffit, fascia, gutters, siding and eavestroughs work together to make up your home exterior elements.

Calgary Soffit Repair and Installation

What Is The Purpose of Soffit?

Soffit is both an important aesthetic and functional part of your home’s exterior. Soffit is extremely important for the following:

Air Circulation

Soffit assists with air circulation and ventilation throughout your property’s attic. Because of extreme seasonal shifts in Calgary and area weather, attic, lofts and upper floors are very susceptible to intense temperature shifts.

Summer Heat: During Calgary's summer months, hot air can become trapped in the attic and upper areas of your home. When interior air is hot and does not circulate, your interior can start to sweat, leading to mold, mildew and high utility bills.

Spring Rain: In the Calgary rainy season, excess water, combined with wind, can cause water to swirl up under the eaves. If your soffit is not working to their highest efficacy, this rainwater can blow, enter and collect into the interior of your home. This standing and still water will eventually lead to mildew and rot.

Winter Months: Adversely, condensation from snow and ice - and subsequent melt from Calgary's chinooks - during the winter season will lead to a build-up of moisture within the rafters and roof. This moisture will ultimately lead to mold and rot - elements that quickly deteriorate structural beams. Not only will this lead to the deterioration of your home’s structural integrity, but it can also lead to dangerous health concerns. Eventually, these condensation issues due to insufficient air flow will negatively impact your home's stability and warranty - not to mention your family’s health, safety and well being.


Soffit helps cover up the area between your roof and siding. Without it, beams would be exposed, the siding edge would be unfinished and your exterior would look incomplete and sloppy. With today’s materials, you can choose vinyl or aluminum soffit that matches your entire exterior and provides a finished and polished look to your home.

Pest Protection

Without soffit, your rafters would be openly exposed which is an open invite for pests and insects. Soffit works to keep your roof contained and sealed so that birds, bats, squirrels, and insects cannot enter, build nests and cause a larger problem in the attic and walls of your home.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, contact us now for your FREE estimate and we will quickly and thoroughly determine if you are in need of soffit repair or aluminum installation.

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When Should I Replace or Repair my Soffit?

There are many reasons why and when you should consider replacing or repairing your aluminum, wood or vinyl soffit:

Interior Sweat: If you notice your upper walls are ‘sweating’ and your home seems dank due to no ventilation, it is time to contact your exterior professional.

Excess moisture: If you notice any areas of moisture, including ceiling water stains, or spongy or wet beams.

High Utility Bills: If your utility bills are suddenly excessive and you have exhausted all other reasons why, you may want to investigate the integrity of your soffits.

Cracks and Breakage:  If you notice your vinyl or aluminum soffit is cracked, broken or unsealed, you should immediately contact your exterior professionals to assess repair or replacement.

If you have noticed any of the above, you may be in need of soffit repair or installation. Contact Chinook Exteriors in Calgary for your free estimate today!

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Our Products

At Chinook Exteriors, we use only the highest quality products for our customers. We assist in facilitating professional colour matching and offer a variety of styles (2, 3 and 4-panel options). Our products include:

Gentek Building Products. One of the industry leaders in eavestrough, aluminum soffit and fascia materials. Gentek products have 40-year Warranty, come in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles.

Alu-Rex. We are certified to install Alu-Rex, an innovative gutter management system with a series of grates designed to prevent unwanted leaves from entering and clogging your eavestroughs and gutters. This Leaf Guard system helps to minimize gutter maintenance and allows water to flow freely away from your home. Alu-Rex products are of the highest quality and come with a 40-year clog-free warranty.

Gentek Products    Alu-Rex

Our Warranty Guarantee

When you work with Chinook Exteriors, you get top quality customer service, a 5-year installation warranty and 24-hour support. We are BBB A+ Accredited, WCB and Liability Insured and all products we use are of the utmost quality and offer up to a 40-year warranty. 

Chinook Exteriors - Installations, Repair and Maintenance

Our experienced team at Chinook Exteriors are able to repair and/or install wood, vinyl and aluminum soffit that will restore air circulation to your attic and the entire home. During your FREE ESTIMATE consultation, our experts will determine where airflow can be improved and where to install aluminum soffit vents that address any exterior issues or concerns accordingly.

To find out more about our exterior products and solutions, including siding, fascia and eavesthroughs, or to book a FREE estimate, contact our Calgary office today at 587-999-7170 or fill in our online contact form

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Soffit Before and After Gallery

View our Before and After Gallery and see how Chinook Exterior's soffit repair and soffit installation can dramatically alter the look and function of your home.

Soffit Before and After Gallery


Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary



'We hired Chinook Exteriors to help with a ventilation and aluminum soffit issue we had with our 1960 bungalow. Jean Francois coordinated with a company specializing in attic ventilation to be sure he had a second expert opinion before he began any work. Jean Francois completed the work as quoted and above all expectations. Among all trades, I have never witnessed the level of customer service he delivered. I highly recommend Chinook Exteriors'.

- Andrea S.

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