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What is Exterior Siding?

Siding, also known as exterior "cladding", is the protective material that is installed on the exterior of a home, building or other structure. Often made of wood, brick or metal, the most popular siding is vinyl siding, known for its durability, insulation, and affordability.

Not only does the exterior siding of your home act as a vital protective barrier from pests, inclement weather, accidents, and natural wear and tear, it is an important decorative and aesthetic element of your home's appearance.

Working alongside other exteriors, such as Soffit, Fascia, and Eavesthroughs, Siding is a critical element of your home's exterior and should always be maintained and replaced when necessary.

What Is The Purpose of Siding?

Siding is both an important aesthetic and functional part of your home’s exterior and is required for the following reasons:


WATER - Siding is the outermost covering of your home and therefore acts as the last protective barrier of your structure. The innermost "layers" of your home consist of drywall, wall studs, sheathing and a number of other materials and must be protected at all times. If the siding is broken, cracked or shifted, water may penetrate through the barrier resulting in a deterioration of the structure and possibly the foundation of your home.

Water damage can also lead to mold, mildew and moss growth which can compromise the integrity of your home, resulting in a high cost of repair if left for too long.

PESTS - If your siding is cracked, broken or compromised in any way, pests will inevitably enter your structure. This will lead to an infestation that is not only hard to eradicate but expensive as well. This leaves you to deal with the extermination costs as well as the cost of the siding, and perhaps frame and drywall repair. 

The sooner you can detect whether you have a problem with your siding, the sooner you can have it repaired or replaced. This will dramatically keep your costs down and avoid any larger issues.  

Energy Costs

When your siding is compromised, your home is no longer fully insulated. This means your home could become drafty, too cold in Calgary winters or too hot in the summer months. This can lead to energy inefficiency and skyrocketing utility bills. In order to keep your bills at a minimum, check your siding for cracks and holes that may be allowing the trapped air in your home to escape.  

If your exterior siding seems fine in appearance, it just may be old or made up of outdated materials. Today, insulated vinyl siding is known for its durability and ability to keep energy costs at a minimum.


Siding is what makes your home appear attractive and well kept. Cracked, broken siding will not only fail to protect your structure but will also lower the overall value of your home.

Not only do you want to keep the curb appeal of your home attractive at all times, protecting your biggest investment should be the top priority. Siding continues to be one of the most important exterior elements and has been proven to provide one of the highest ROI and rate of returns for exterior curb appeal projects. 

If you are looking to replace broken and cracked siding or even if you just want to give your home a fresh new look or colour, siding is often the quickest and most affordable option. Often, painting brick, stucco or wood siding is a more expensive option, due to the labour and material costs that are involved. Vinyl siding is an affordable, low maintenance option that provides an instant makeover, and stands the test of time.  

If you feel your siding could be compromised, contact Chinook Exteriors now for your FREE estimate and our Calgary professionals will quickly and thoroughly determine if you are in need of siding repair or replacement. 

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Our Products

At Chinook Exteriors, we use only the highest quality vinyl siding products for our customers. We help facilitate professional colour matching and offer a variety of sizes and colours:

Gentek Building Products. Gentek is one of the industry leaders in exterior products, such as eavestrough, aluminum soffit, and fascia materials. Their insulated vinyl siding is one of the best quality materials available and comes with a 40-year warranty and a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles.

Alu-Rex. Apart from vinyl siding, Chinook Exteriors is also certified to install Alu-Rex, an innovative gutter management system with a series of grates designed to prevent unwanted leaves from entering and clogging your eavestroughs and guttersAlu-Rex products are of the highest quality and come with a 40-year clog-free warranty.

Gentek Products    Alu-Rex

Our Warranty Guarantee

When you work with Chinook Exteriors, you get professional customer service with 24-hour support. We offer a 5-year installation warranty, and are BBB A+ Accredited, WCB and Liability Insured. The products we use, including Gentek vinyl siding, are industry-leading in quality and offer up to a 40-year warranty. We work with a number of Calgary and area partners to ensure your experience is as professional and seamless as possible.

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Chinook Exteriors - Installations, Repair, and Maintenance

Our experienced Calgary team at Chinook Exteriors are able to repair and install vinyl siding that will protect your exterior structure from weather and pests, keep your home insulated and energy efficient and provide a beautiful exterior and overall curb appeal. 

To find out more about our exterior products and solutions, including aluminum soffitfascia, and eavesthroughs, or to book a FREE estimate, contact our Calgary office today at 587-999-7170 or fill in our online contact form

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Siding Before and After Gallery

View our Before and After Gallery and see how Chinook Exterior's siding repair and siding installation can dramatically alter the look and function of your home.

Siding Before and After Gallery


Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary
Chinook Exteriors Soffit Repair and Soffit Installation Calgary



'I was very impressed with the quality and workmanship Chinook displayed. They quoted me a price which they held too, set up a schedule with me that they held too and finally left my yard very clean. Jean-Francois was knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend him and his company to relatives and friends.'

- Scott W.

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