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When Should I Replace My Exterior Siding? 6 Signs it Might Be Time

Whether you have brick, wood, vinyl or stucco, it can be difficult to know when to replace your exterior siding. Here are 6 signs it might be time.

Not only is your exterior siding a decorative element of your home, it also acts as a protection against weather and pests that all things that can disrupt its structural integrity. But how do you know when your siding is compromised and in need of repair or replacement?

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Chinook Exteriors is your Calgary siding professionals. If your home has been damaged by storms, hail, or natural wear and tear, our expert team can repair or replace your siding and restore the beautiful look of your home. We also deliver top-quality exterior home services like gutter maintenancesoffit, and fascia installation to add protection, air circulation, and increased value to your Calgary home.

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1. Utility Bills are Rising

When heating and cooling bills are relatively low, chances are your home is properly insulated, sealed and energy efficient. However, if your energy bills are rising for no apparent reason, it could be due to the condition of your siding. After you rule out standard roof and window issues, check your siding for cracks or holes that may be allowing the trapped air in your home to escape.

2. Fading and Cracking

If the your siding is prematurely fading, or your vinyl siding is cracked or loose, it may mean a larger problem is lurking. Decay, water damage and insect infestations are all serious issues that need to be stopped in their tracks as soon as possible.

3. Mold, Dry-Rot, Mildew and Moss Growth

Mold, mildew, dry rot and vegetation growth are all signs that water has penetrated your siding. Water that is trapped in siding will quickly cause mold spores to grow and spread. Not only could this lead to further deterioration of your exterior structure, it could spread to interior walls which is a dangerous health risk for you and your family. Call a professional immediately if you detect signs of mold or mildew.

4. Discoloration, Bubbling and Warping

Water can pay significant damage to any surface. Trapped water that has no chance of properly drying can wreak havoc on exterior siding and interior walls and can lead to larger issues. Bubbling, warping, discolouration, or water coming in to your home from windows are sure sign of water penetration. Call a professional immediately to investigate the extent of the damage to ensure the proper flashing paper and tape is installed around your windows, and up to city code.

5. Upkeep

If you have an older home with original wood, stucco or brick siding, you will need to be vigilant in order to keep it properly maintained and protected. Many exteriors require a higher level of maintenance than others and it is important to do so to protect the integrity of your exterior. Often homeowners will move to a better quality vinyl, or a longer lasting hardy board, option in order to have a low-maintenance-free and guaranteed product. Do you know how durable your siding is and how to properly maintain it?

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6. Aesthetics

If you are looking to update your home with a fresh look or colour, you may want to look at replacement rather than a refresh. Often, painting brick, stucco or wood siding is a more expensive option, due to the repetative nature of the repairs, rather than replacing your current siding with better quality vinyl. Today, higher quality vinyl or hardy board siding, is an affordable, low maintenance option that provides an instant makeover, and stands the test of time.


Alongside our 5 year warranty on our workmanship, our Gentek products carry a 40 year warranty.  Plus, we are BBB certified, and winners of Consumer Choice Awards consistently for 2 years, verified and honoured by HomeStars Awards, means we deliver on budget, on time, every time.


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