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The Importance of Properly Installed Gutters

...and When You Should Consider Replacing Your System

The roof of a a 2000 square foot home will collect over 4500 gallons of water with every three inches of rainfall.

The role of your Gutter system, is to control the flow of water as it lands on your roof and rolls off the edge. Without a well installed (or maintained) gutter system a home could encounter:

  1. esthetic and/or structural damage
  2. standing water close to the foundation(s)
  3. water infiltration in the roof or foundations
  4. soil erosion (and resulting pipe/foundation exposure, cave ins, etc.)

It is important for a homeowner to carefully research and invest appropriately in a sustainable, well installed system to negate the above referenced issues (that will be far more costly in the long run.)

The ideal gutter system is comprised of:

  1. Custom measurement and fitting to ensure that that the gutters remain attached to the home.
  2. Reinforcement with hangers (attached to the fascia board)
  3. Flashing on the Fascia to prevent wood to water communication.

Over the past five years, Chinook exteriors has invested in the research and development of a custom, cost-effective solution designed specifically for the purpose of offering Calgary Homeowners with a Gutter system that is durable, custom fit and aesthetically blended to present consistently with your home’s exterior. The advantages to considering our INNOVATIVE SEAMLESS GUTTER CONCEPT (“ISGC”) are:

  1. Less Maintenance: Our systems are less prone to clogging and trapping debris and leaves because they are custom fit with less connection points.
  2. Designed SPECIFICALLY for your home: Unlike traditional “one-size fits all” products, ISGC’s are custom built.
  3. Mitigation of Water Damage.
  4. Enhanced curb appeal.

When should I consider replacing my Gutter system?

If your gutters are straight, solid and not leaking, you don’t need to consider replacement.

Consider replacement if:

  1. If your gutters are overflowing even when they are clogged.
  2. The corners and joints of your eavestrough are leaking.
  3. If your rain gutters are sagging
  4. Your rain gutter has rusty spikes
  5. Your fascia is rotten

Have questions? Need guidance? Give us a call or email us through our website with questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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