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4 Things to Watch Out For When Cleaning Your Eavestrough

While you may never have noticed them, your eavestroughs play an important role in keeping your home in good condition. Here are 4 warning signs that you need to repair your eavestrough.

When it comes to eavestroughs, many people wonder if they’re worth having because of the regular maintenance required to keep them in good working order. However, eavestroughs serve several very important functions that keep your home in good condition and work to:

  • Reroute water: During rainstorms or even winter, when precipitation accumulates on your roof, eavestroughs serve the important function of re-routing water away from your home. This will help you avoid costly water damage.
  • Protect your roof: Without eavestroughs, your roofing system is vulnerable to water damage, mold, and rot. By moving water away from your roof, eavestroughs ensure your home maintains its structural integrity.
  • Protect your foundation: Without eavestroughs, water will land on the ground and run towards your home’s foundation. This will eventually lead to moisture issues and foundation cracks, affecting your indoor air quality and structural integrity of your home.

Protect Your Home With our Calgary Eavestrough Repair Services

At Chinook Exteriors, we know just how important functioning eavestroughs are to your home. We take the hassle out of maintenance by providing regular eavestrough repair and servicing to keep your gutters working properly all year long.

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4 Warning Signs That You Need Eavestrough Repair Services

Given the importance of your eavestroughs, you should inspect them at least twice a year to ensure that they’re in good working order. When doing so, here are 4 warning signs that may indicate your eavestrough require repair:

1. There are Leaks

Eavestrough that are functioning optimally should be completely free of leaks. However, over time, there are several types of leaks that can occur such as:

  • Pinhole leaks
  • Leaks from cracks
  • Leaks at connecting joints

If you do notice a leak, it’s important to get it repaired because leaks can cause water damage and mold problems inside your home. Hiring an exterior home expert to come and inspect your eavestrough can help determine if you require minor repairs or a full replacement.

2. There’s Overflow

An overflowing eavestrough system can cause the same issues as one that leaks. Usually, an overflow is caused by a simple blockage that good cleaning can correct. However, if your eavestrough keeps getting blocked by pieces of shingle from an old and failing roof, then it may be time to replace both your eavestrough and roofing system.

3. Water is Pooling

If your eavestrough is clogged, damaged, improperly angled, or sagging, then water may begin to pool in your gutters. This can lead to serious problems such as leaks and corrosion, and you should contact a home exterior expert straight away.

4. Loose/Damaged Nails or Screws

Your eavestrough fasteners, such as nails, screws, or hangers, can become loose over time which allows water to make contact with the fascia boards along your roof line. If this happens, it’s best not to try fixing the nails yourself, especially if you don’t have roofing experience. A home exterior expert can make sure the job is done quickly and correctly.

After your eavestroughs are repaired and in optimal working condition, it is important to keep them maintained. Here are our professional tips on how to maintain your gutters:


High-Quality Eavestrough Protection: Alu Rex Gutter Clean System

It is no easy task to clean out your eavestrough several times a year. To save yourself the hassle, our team can help you install the Alu Rex Gutter Clean System, which will prevent debris from getting into your eavestrough.

The durable aluminum construction of this leaf guard makes it one of the most popular gutter installation products in Canada and it will help eliminate the tedious task of maintaining your eavestrough and prevent costly repairs.



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